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Dorset Website Design Agency

Cirrus Design Studio Pagespeed and Lighthouse scoreLittle known fact: when Google lands on your website it's spider robot gives you 3 seconds for your site to respond. 

Assuming your hosting provider can deliver a signal to the robot the Google bot allocates only a few seconds to scrape each page in order for it to be indexed in its search engine.

If your site isn't loaded in time it will only scrape a little bit of the page and could miss out on much needed content.

The problem with slow websites is a common one as more development companies opt to create sites from off-the-shelf web site creators such as Wordpress etc. The one size fits all means that the site on loading must load a huge amount of code before it can display the page. Add to this the range of plug ins and you have a speed issue.

How do I check my website?
We use Lighthouse in order to analyse our websites. A score of over 80% for mobile and over 90% for desktop is the optimum speed.

You can check yours here: Google PageSpeed Insights

Slow websites can ruin ranking and deter traffic - how many times have you had to wait for a page to load? Do you simply click out and visit another site? You're not alone - almost 95% of users will desert you if your site doesn't load within at least 4 seconds!

Websites in 2020

Here's a fact - over 2 million small businesses in the UK do NOT have a website yet almost ALL potential customers seek out the company they wish to do business with via their websites!

Without a website your company is missing out on an awful lot of potential customers and the same is true for a bad website or poorly performing website.

We can help your website

Here's your possible situation - the reason you may be visiting us today:

  1. You have no website
  2. You have a website but it is not performing
  3. You have a very old website that doesn't reflect your new business

So you have no website!

We can create you the ideal website to match both your business and your budget from a simple few pages to full e-commerce.

All our sites are bespoke built so they stand out from the crowd and avoid the dreaded "not another Wordpress" template (we won't sell you someone else's work)! We design your site from scratch using industry standard coding practice and produce an effective, easy to market SEO Search Engine Friendly, unique and above all FAST website.

Our more complex sites have our own Sphyder CMS Content Management System that powers the website allowing you to keep the content up to date. It is infinitely expandable and all plugins are designed by us to your specifications which makes it cast iron SECURE against hackers.

Cirrus Design Studio for Website Design

What's more - we look after your site while it is hosted with us so you'll never need to worry about it again with our professional website monthly maintenance package.

Your website doesn't perform and you need hits!

Website SEO search engines optimisationIt's a common problem particularly with off of the shelf WYSIWYG template websites like Wordpress but you like it and it suits your company so do you really have to change it and go to the added cost of a new website?

Well, no, you don't have to because even though your sites SEO is causing "organic" search problems there's always a marketing campaign to help and that's what our marketing department does so take a look at the range of help available to get your website visitors up.

Your website is old and out of date

We deal with a lot of companies that simply do not have time to be messing about with their website. Our regular maintenance packages ensure your site is up to date. Simply send us your news, your updates and we will keep your site up to date for you.

In this day and age your website needs to work across the board (desktop, mobile, tablet) so some sites simply get old and no longer perform due to lack of device flexibility. We can advise you on the best cost effective way forward to get the most out of your website.

Our website design agency offers

  • Complete website design from simple brochure to advanced e-commerce
  • Custom design website (no templates) designed exactly to what your business offers
  • Infinitely expandable CMS Content Management using our own very secure system
  • SEO Search Engine Optimisation
  • Basic marketing through to advanced online Pay Per Click PPC campaigns and more
  • Monthly maintenance packages that support your site and give reduced rates on future work
  • Monthly maintenance packages where we ensure updates such as news are rapidly spread on social media and Google
  • Professional level fast website hosting on our own secure platform
  • High speed and powerful websites across all devices
  • Priority customer support

Call us today on 01202 683 623 to discuss your website design requirements!

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