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Violegen appoints CDS as Digital Agency

Violegen (A division of Cellecta Holdings) has appointed Cirrus Design Studio Ltd as their Digital Agency responsible for all SEM including the development of a bespoke new website to launch in the new year.


Approved British designed & built

Violegen manufactures & supplies a range of approved British designed & built high-intensity mobile UV-C room Sterilisers including HEXAgone® PRO, MEDI & SOLO which kill 99.9% of airborne + surface viruses & bacterias, in a range of indoor environments. Including Coronavirus COVID-19, influenza, e.coli and Norovirus.

UV-C room Sterilisers

Violegen is part of the Cellecta Holdings, Cellecta is one of the UK’s largest manufactures of environmentally friendly high performance acoustic & thermal insulation products.

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