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Top 5 Corona Virus business survival tips 

CoronaVirus COVID19 Lockdown UKThe current pandemic Corona Virus (COVID19) has disabled millions of businesses from large corporations and multi-nationals to the one-man-band sole traders. Many may never recover.

Since the world's authorities locked down the people many companies have effectively ceased trading, dissolved or lay dormant and those that remain open have seen customers decline by almost 90% in many cases.

At present (13th April 2020) there's no sign of the lockdown being lifted as the virus runs rampant across the UK. Many businesses are simply too small to survive and even the largest companies face disaster as their cashflow is choked.

Our article covers the top 5 business survival tips to help your business recover when the madness is over but in effect their are 7 tips in all so we will call them critical tips because any company that neglects these two will absolutely fail and be insolvent or bankrupt in no time at all so the first two tips are too important to be listed as our top five and they are:

Critical tip (1)

YOU! If you fall ill and are unable to work or heaven forbid die the likelihood is your business will also cease so for us that's the worst case scenario. 

Many large companies have a few directors and staff to step in but many millions do not so if you fall ill from this virus your business goes with you.

A sobering thought so look after yourself because the stronger YOU are the better your company has a chance to survive all this!

Critical tip (2)

YOUR STAFF! They took a long time to recruit and you do not want them to fall sick and be unable to work once the lockdown is lifted. Look after your staff as you would your family because they ARE your family just a work one. A company that fails to look after staff will fail.

Ensure they are looked after, meet regularly online, send a text, make a quick call not about work but to see how they are or if your company is huge and this simply is not practical why not send out an email weekly. It's as much about staff moral as it is well being.

Keeping staff in the loop is critical for survival - they want to feel part of your company and that they are safe so communication is the number one key to business survival.

But what about the top 5 business survival tips?

So you look after yourself and your staff if you have any. Your team is behind you, you're in great health but you cannot trade so how do we keep the fires burning?

  1. Never let up your marketing!
    Many companies simply withdraw into their shells at times like these and along with it goes all their valuable marketing and advertising built up over years. Let's face it - starting a business is bloody hard work and you really don't want to go through the birth pains again right?
    There's so much you can do for FREE like writing blogs, updating content, creating a mailing list and of course keeping your business website up to date to prevent loss of ranking.
  2. Advertise!
    You want people to be interested so sharing your products with the world is critical even if you are unable to ship or manufacture you must keep your product in the public conscience else they will forget you and you have to start over.
    Advertising costs (we can do some fantastic cost effect deals by the way but this is NOT about us it's about you but as for anything we offer you can talk to us on 01202683623).
    Of course not all of us will be financially sound at this time so what can do for free to keep the business fires burning? Read on...
  3. Social Media!
    What better way to keep your business in the loop than social media! Invest in time or invest in the many social media enablers available to you.
    Social media will help you actively promote your business for free and can be a hugely effective route to a new market even.
    During the lockdown we have seen so many business start trading as if they are e-commerce businesses. Pretty easy locally for example a local beer brewer boxes up his beer and delivers it all around the town!
    Through social media we expect to see so many businesses change the way they trade so our number 3 tip is social media. 
    It's something you need and is something you must learn about but there's a lot of online resources to help you.
    For our Exmouth, Devon friends how about https://www.facebook.com/socialbuzzexmouth/ - they will help you with your social media and come highly recommended.
    For more national projects involving social media give us a call 01202683623 and we can help you.
  4. Google Pay Per Click & Facebook adverts
    With Google Adwords you can ensure your website or product stays ranked in Google but this can be expensive if managed wrong. 
    How it works is you bid per keyword or phrase so it's critical to know what the market is doing otherwise you'll bid a lot of money for virtually no custom.
    These adverts can be very specialised so we advise you seek professional help which will save you a small fortune in the long run.
    We are a Google certified PPC agency and happy to help - why not call for a quote 01202683623.
  5. Widen your net
    80% of small businesses in the UK have a target audience of around 30 miles. 
    Many are still not online so they shrink even further and few still have no social media presence at all meaning they are almost invisible to new clients.
    While the UK faces more lockdown - get online, broaden your audience, get yourself a new website or improve the old one and keep content fresh because once this is all over you will really need to hit the ground running!

Final thoughts

We are a business and our tips are free to use but if you would like help with anything you've read please give us a call today even if it's simply for advice on any matter relating to online business.

Telephone 01202683623

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