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Do you suffer from plugin & widget overload?

The World Wide Web is made up of 40% off the shelf WYSIWYG websites. We have all seen the adverts - build your own website in 3 minutes! Many self styled web gurus use these free to use site builders to sell to customers adding themselves a hefty margin in the process.

The entire WYSIWYG industry makes up for an estimated 50,000,000 plugins mostly secure and developed by reputable software developers but many aren't. Scattered among the good plugins there are widgets developed by not so skilled developers and even hackers. Get one of these on your site and you have problems right up to having your site hacked, your user accounts hacked, propagation of viruses, data hostage taking and more besides. Visitors to compromised sites can themselves be compromised with viruses and MalWare if they are not protected good enough.

There are millions of have-a-go websites out there and they are usually bristling with plugins and widgets. They are easy to spot as they take an age to load as each widget has to find its place on the page.

Google has identified page speed as being the single most ranking factor when it comes to positioning your website site into its ranking algorithm. A site smothered head to toe in widgets, gadgets and plugins is simply too slow and ranking will suffer.

Why do we need all these useless plugins?

Frustrated by your website's speed?In short we don't - studies conducted conclude that almost all widgets detract from the user experience and it's not just speed that's effected. Users are growing accustomed to your competition and that means if you hold them up waiting for your "ode to widgets" to load they'll leave your site never to return.

Usability seems wasted on todays website with menus flying here and there and things popping up, moving, zooming about and generally getting on your nerves and detracting from what you are trying to sell or say.

It's growing market, neigh, problem because so many people have set themselves us claiming to be developers that in order to attract clients they simply dazzle them with trinkets. A few animations, a flying image, a pop up thing of no real use will wow the client into parting with money for what they could do themselves. Snake oil is a growing problem in our industry today and the client is being ripped off.

Around 2000 the WWW introduced certain standards when it came to usability and the user experience - all seems to have been thrown away with modern sites being like a junkyard of plugins that mostly seem to annoy the average user.

Enter World Wide Web Consortium

The WWWC - - who are they? Quote "The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards. Led by Web inventor and Director Tim Berners-Lee and CEO Jeffrey Jaffe, W3C's mission is to lead the Web to its full potential.".

It is our belief that a quality website should engage the user not confuse or annoy. Widgets and gadgets should be carefully deployed to enhance the user experience rather than demonstrate how clever we are. This is why with us you get a FAST, RESPONSIVE, USABLE & ATTRACTIVE website that encourages customer conversion and builds your business. What's more Google love them because they are simple, clean and fast constantly scoring between 88% and 99% Google page speed tests.

Don't die in a sea of junk! Grab a free, no obligation quote from us by calling 01202 683 623 - you and your users will be very glad they did!

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