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Guaranteed Google Page One!

Almost every website owner or manager has received an e-mail stating that "We will get you to page one in Google" or "SEO Experts" - pretty much every time from a GMAIL address or sometimes but rarer a HOTMAIL or OUTLOOK address. 

SEO by the way means "Search Engine Optimisation" and covers everything from on-page content to search engine marketing.

Let's bust some myths

Firstly - why are they using a Gmail account or one of the other freely available ones? These fakers never use their own company email addresses because they are usually so bad at what they do they end up accidentally black listing their own websites! If they use a free email for example "" then when that account gets closed for sending spam it becomes "" and they can continue pestering small business owners.

We can get you ranked page one of Google!

AMAZING - and yes they can but there is of course a catch! Here is a real life example of how they trick you. They promise to get your website ranked page one and indeed they will do that!

Example: We are Cirrus Design Studio Ltd and we provide SEO marketing ok? Well, what the fakers do is charge say $500 for the work they intend to do to get you on page one. Almost every business owner has never searched for themselves so why would we search for "Cirrus Design Studio Ltd"? The answer is we would not!

Here in lay the double bluff - what we would LIKE to be found for is "SEO Marketing" but this is duly ignored by the faker because it is far too hard to achieve so instead they wait a few weeks after you pay and then proudly announce they have managed to rank you on page one of Google for your company "Cirrus Design Studio Ltd". How many Cirrus Design Studio Ltd's are out there? The answer is NONE - we are that company thus Google's top position will be - our company!

The result is that the fake SEO company makes $500 for doing nothing, you see your company on page one of Google - everyone is happy apart from one thing - your customers are still searching for "SEO Marketing Companies" and of course - you are nowhere to be seen.

Black Hat SEO

The worse kind of SEO is known as Black Hat. It essentially means that the SEO company uses underhand methods to rank you in search engines. Beware! These search engine companies like Google are worth MILLIONS and they will catch up with this technique. How it works is this - the fake SEO experts use Black Hat techniques to get you ranked for your chosen list of keywords. You pay a lot of money and sit back to admire your results. Page one!!!

Within a few days Google catches up because there's something wrong with the algorithm. It then black lists your domain effectively closing you down and that can last from a few weeks to months to years so be aware that unrepeatable companies do still use Black Hat techniques!

Caught red handed

Here is the foot of one such fake SEO website - check out the headquarters address!

Fake SEO company

Oh the address? Sounds real right? It's registered here: ;) - it's a mail box!

The amazing amount of English people working in India

How many English people work in one company in IndiaIt's quite amazing how many English names there are in India. When dealing with UK companies your fake SEO company doesn't want to set alarms off by using their true Indian name so you will find that "Danial Potter from SEO Experts" has a broad Indian accent. First clue of the fake SEO company! Of course this only works for phone calls and they are getting fewer because intelligent company bosses can spot that one a mile off so they revert to good old email proudly boasting full English breakfast, tea and cricket names. The image is a genuine screen grab from an SEO company in Malda, West Bengal, India who contacted us under the name Mary Jones (oh and also Achinty Abhuiya).

A little digging returns the true origin of some of the photos - one is from Keswick would you believe it and no, that's not the right name either!

Before taking them on board do your homework - they don't!

Google has a wonderful tool for testing websites for all manner of material including SEO. So our fake company contacts us trying to sell us SEO. Well had they done their homework they'd know it's also what we offer too do they'd think twice but of course they do not because your email is one of a long list they buy from other undesirable companies. Hence they've no idea what you sell, what you do or who you are.

You can use Google here:

Or if you are familiar with Chrome Developer Extensions you'll get a better picture of the company your dealing with. On that note we will leave you with this - the result of checking our fakers website for how good they are...

Google Lighthouse test on Fake SEO website offering SEO services

If you want true SEO or anything else

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