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Website too slow?

Little known fact: when Google lands on your website it's spider robot gives you 3 seconds for your site to respond. 

Assuming your hosting provider can deliver a signal to the robot the Google bot allocates only a few seconds to scrape each page in order for it to be indexed in its search engine.

If your site isn't loaded in time it will only scrape a little bit of the page and could miss out on much needed content.

The problem with slow websites is a common one as more development companies opt to create sites from off-the-shelf web site creators such as Wordpress etc. The one size fits all means that the site on loading must load a huge amount of code before it can display the page. Add to this the range of plug ins and you have a speed issue.

Our own website tested

How do I check my website?

We use Google page speeds in order to analyse our websites. A score of over 80% for mobile and over 90% for desktop is the optimum speed.

You can check yours here: google pagespeeds

Slow websites can ruin ranking and deter traffic - how many times have you had to wait for a page to load? Do you simply click out and visit another site? You're not alone - almost 95% of users will desert you if your site doesn't load within at least 4 seconds!

How can we help?

Services loading

All our websites are custom built and they are built for speed. Our site, this one, scores 88% mobile and 99% desktop. Yours can too - just call us on 01202 683 623 or drop us an email

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