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Top 5 problems with CMS based websites

If you maintain a website for yourself or someone else then the chances are you will maintain the website through a proprietary Content Management System otherwise known as a CMS.

Keep content fresh is critical for good search engine ranking and also customer conversions. Outdated content is the single biggest mistake made on modern websites but CMS systems come at a risk so here 5 pointers highlighting the danger of CMS systems in the wrong hands.

  1. Content is KING! Yes it is true content is everything but also CONTEXT is everything but what's the difference? Writing web page content is a real art. What you write may be very good for the customer but not so for the search engines and you don't get customers without first appearing in the search engines so it follows suit that you must write great contextual content that fits both search engine & customer.
  2. Meta data! Meta data sits behind your website page and instructs search engines on how to read your page. In general these days there are two major meta fields to concern yourself with and both are critical to good ranking - title & description. When you update or add pages to your website you must also write good meta data else your lovely web page just won't be found in search engines. You must write contextual and organic text using a fixed amount of words to get a good ranking and most self used CMS editors simply ignore this fact leaving their page wallowing below the top 100 pages in most engines.
  3. Page structure! Here's a massive mistake most would be editors seem to get wrong. The header tags are not there for design they are there to tell search engines what's important and what isn't! Use them wisely and in order (H1, H2, H3 etc). Mixed header tags are a very big issue with good page ranking. Likewise using too many keywords, bad phrases, too many bold letters, italics etc - all can damage ranking!
  4. Menu structure! We have spoken in a recent article about poor navigation but how you structure a menu is as important as what is on the page. If a menu item falls under another one (sub page) then search engines simply assume it is not as important and ranking will reflect this.
  5. DESign! For us this is the BIG ONE!!! What looks fantastic to you might look like a dog's dinner to others! Design is subjective and to the untrained web designer what suits their eye may look horrible to another. Good design has basic rules that can be applied and will help layout your page to its best. Bad design will let your business down dramatically - you draw in a client having a high ranking website and BOOM! They are met with an array of very poorly designed pages. Your site can sit on page 1 all day long but get the design wrong you'll convert nothing and drive customers away! Use pictures, fonts, colours and layout sparingly and never, repeat, never detract from the nature of your website and what you are trying to achieve!

It's like hiring your own webmaster at a fraction of the cost!

We provide clients with a very easy to use content management system owned and operated by us alone. It is very expandable and we can develop bespoke modules to fit almost any brief or possible use by your company. It really is simple to use but with our monthly maintenance package you really do not have to worry about any of the above because you send us the information and we will add it to your site, index it, design it and make sure it gets noticed by search engines and social media. 

Interested? Just give us a call and discuss what you need...

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