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Social media & your SEO ranking

We all know Facebook - who doesn't? It has grown to become THE biggest social media platform in history. Not that social media has had much of a history of course but Facebook remains king of the castle... for now.

Social media has grown to become a huge influence on ranking in search engines for websites. In the past sayings like "Google loves websites that are loved" referred to how many other similar sites linked to yours. Now days of course social media is very adept at telling us how loved we are and that includes our websites too.

One of the many influences that search engines use to establish a position for your website is how much traffic is coming form social media. If you have a lot of fans on social media all clicking through to your website then it stands to reason you're loved and if you're loved then Google loves you and rewards you by pushing you higher up the ranking. 

Why does Google use social media?

Google and social mediaGoogle like most search engines is a business and as a business it offers products at their best - in this case websites. People use Google because they search for information and Google delivers a quality website to them. This means that the more Google understands how well liked you are the better it feels about selling it to the searcher hence ranking improves.

In Google for example there are two ways to rank - paid and free or organic. If you have a big enough budget then paid is the way forward but this can be complex and very costly if you do not know what you are doing. So called PPC or Pay-per-click campaigns if set up incorrectly will chew through money like a dog with a biscuit!

Our advice - get professional help who can target your audience and deliver results for maximum ROI (Return on investment). Here at Cirrus we can certainly help you there and run many very high profile PPC campaigns across all platforms.

How can I help myself get better SEO ranking?

You can help yourself for free simply by keeping your website content up to date and fresh. Mouldy, old, out of date content puts search engines off like a rotting fish! Refresh pages, update news, add events keep it all fresh as a daisy and Google will want to draw nearer to you.

This article is about social media so what do you do? Well, rule of thumb is publish FROM your website TO social media so that your post in social media links BACK to your website. That, in nutshell, is how you do it! Simply publishing a story to social media with a photo and a few words is wonderful for your followers but once published it is DEAD!!! RIP your post... once it is out there it goes nowhere and eventually simply dies a lonely death many rows down in your feed. 

BUT - publish FROM your site or link BACK to your website and you have a live link to "READ MORE" thus encouraging the social media browser into your shop and form there good design, great wording and fantastic layout could turn that casual browser into a buyer of what you are selling!

But I don't like social media!?!

Too bad - if you own and run a website you NEED it! Having social media or a Facebook presence need not be public but you DO need a social media page and you do need to keep it up to date. Social media is a huge ranking factor and without it you will eventually sink as it becomes a huge influence in what Google and other search engines think about you and your product!

For more information on how we can help you with social media, website design, SEO or PPC campaigns please get in touch today!

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