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Is your website too slow?

It's a familiar story - you've got the website designed just right with a huge array of plugins and WYSIWYG content but there's trouble! It's simply TOO SLOW!

This is a very big problem on the internet at the moment with Google publishing figures showing over half of all websites created are simply too slow.

Being too slow causes frustration with customers who simply abandon your site for your competition. Speed is also a ranking issue with slow websites wallowing far down the natural rankings. To bring them up artificially in ways such as AdWords can be expensive and if you're simply paying for ranking because your website is too lardy then it's money down the drain.

Why is it too slow?

More often than not bad coding or too much coding is to answer for very slow websites. A common culprit is Wordpress and Joomla who due to the nature of the way they work allow anyone to simply throw a website together with no passing thought to performance - a big issue in our industry these days as more unskilled companies jump on the WYSIWYG bandwagon just to sell cheap websites. How many times have you visited such a site and sat, and waited, and sat just for the HUGE graphic to load or the content to render!

Why is our website so fast?

Put simply - it's ALL OURS... no one uses our content manager but us and the client therefore it is designed around the client's needs. The code is following strict standards and it is clean because it doesn't need to fit "Joe's Plumbing" and "Bob's Cheeses" at the same time.

A Cirrus Website scores highly in the Google website speed tests more often than not in the late 80% even hitting 100% on some projects. Our own site was tested on 14th June and scored 91% on the mobile version and 100% on the desktop version - few other website companies can claim that.

There is no extra charge

Commissioning a website from us means the speed comes with it - there is no extra charge because we believe that it is right and proper to deliver the client a fast, reliable & quality product every time. Use us and the speed comes free!

Desktop Google speed test result

Google Desktop Speed Test on Cirrus Design Studio Website

Mobile Google speed test result

Google Mobile Speed Test on Cirrus Design Studio Website

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