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Cirrus Web Design used to be a co-operation of two sole traders and was started way back in 2012 to service a few clients with some specialist development and coding. The subsequent years saw the business grow until it became a natural progression to form a new company from the old one and Cirrus Design Studio Ltd was born and launched in April 2019 to service our existing client base and new clients.

Since Gary joined the team we have introduced some advanced marketing & advertising onto our collection of available services to help our clients maximise the websites we produce for them. We already produced very SEO (Search Engine Optimised) websites but wanted to further our portfolio to include some more traditional channels to market.

We are now in a position to take clients from initial start up new companies or SME all the way through to fully fledged brands and anything in-between. What's more we are keenly priced to be accessible to the very small business without compromise. The same level of service is given to sole traders as it is to multi-nationals because those one-man-bands grow and we are a lifetime product so every client is important to us.

Along with traditional out-of-home advertising & marketing we can offer out clients Experiential Marketing or a full immersive media experience for conferences & exhibitions or trade shows. The term covers anything from a trade stand through to full "sets" built to promote and advertise your product or brand.

Magazines and newspapers still represent a huge stake in promoting your business and will do for many years to come and that's also an area we can help with by buying advertising space in mainstream or specialist magazines and putting your company to a target market. 

Because we do everything from creating and developing your website through to marketing, advertising and conference organisation we can cross pollinate your campaigns to actively communicate together ensuring maximum conversion for your money and allowing us to trim away none profitable channels ensuring you get a lean customer base hungry to buy your product.

The spectre of BREXIT is giving small business a nagging feeling of worry at the moment and no one really knows the outcome. Our products are tailored to the likelihood that post BREXIT every man and his dog will be clambering for new customers as the markets explode with opportunities. This is likely to create a huge amount of 'White Noise" where quiet, resting businesses sink far below the search engine radar to the point of losing most of their clients. This is something we are ready for so with Cirrus Design Studio we have the tools and the knowledge to keep your company afloat in a sea of companies fighting for top billing.

For a free and no obligation chat just call us or e-mail us and let us help your business boom!

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