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Bespoke Website Design Agency

Website Design DorsetOur website design service delivers industry standard, user friendly, standards compliant web design & website development without the use of free off-the-shelf templates or WYSIWYG editors.

Our company is based in Dorset but our client base covers Devon, Wiltshire, Hampshire & Somerset. We also deal with clients overseas as far away as the Philippines. These days it doesn't matter where you're based as the Internet draws the world all a little closer.


Our CMS Content Management System

Have you started a new company or business and need something easy to maintain your website and keep it updated? Try our SPHYDER CMS system - we design your website and give you a very simple to use CMS system to keep it maintained without the need to understand code or anything complex giving you freedom to run your business how you want to!

Bespoke Web Design for your business

Cirrus Design Studio offers a totally bespoke website design service which means we can exactly meet the needs of the business creating just the right design and management system for you. This can be for managing clients, e-commerce, member management of anything your business needs - we can create it for you! All our websites are of course mobile friendly as standard - you don't pay extra for this - we consider it normal these days and of course they are search engine friendly which means they are ready for your marketing needs - see our advertising and marketing section for more details on that.

Search Engine Friendly as standard

Our websites are designed and built in-house by our design team to standards required by your business. Each web site delivered to be user friendly, effective and meet the needs of your industry. What's more they are built to be Search Engine Friendly (SEO) - this means that when your website goes live it is easily indexed by search engines - a great base to build your online marketing campaign.


Fully mobile friendly and user friendly compliance driven website design & development

Accessible & mobile friendly from the start

Strict compliance to the latest standards means that all our websites meet or exceed US508 (AA) standards of accessibility (a legal requirement for service websites). In accordance with best practice all our website designs are mobile and tablet friendly in effect delivering 3 sites in 1.

Brochure or content managed website design

From a simple few pages to multi-page website design managed by us or yourself using our own Content Management System (CMS) - Sphyder (the very same CSM powering this website). 

Strict quality controlled website design

Our CMS system is a very easy to use yet very powerful content manager that enables you to edit your own website. It is not a design tool - we design your website and then add the CMS to it leaving you to edit the site any time you wish. 

Bespoke built API for your business

Do you need your website to do more than look pretty? We can code and build bespoke API or web based systems and software for your business that fits into your CMS or as a complete business package to help your company run more effectively. If you have an idea - talk to us - we may have the ideal solution for you!

In a nutshell we:

Take a look at our supporting services for more information on some associated products to help get your website performing for you.

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