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Monthly maintenance

Your website exists in a harsh virtual world be it under attack from hackers or changes to technology and search engine algorithms there's always something out there able to upset the harmony of your companies website so to counter it we can offer you a monthly maintenance contract.

Why do you need regular maintenance for your website?

Websites, like our cars, need regular servicing to maintain them to the highest standards and keep them performing. The average life expectancy of a website is between 2 and 3 years after that the design can look jaded and the technology redundant or less secure leaving it vulnerable to hackers and data thieves.

The ever competitive world of search engines means that the way in which they work often changes leaving you suddenly falling down the rankings unless you're up to the latest SEO and search technologies.

All websites acquire errors over time which leave them suddenly running slow causing search engines to start demoting your position as speed is a major influence in Search Engine Friendliness (SEO). Worse still your site fails to appear on certain devices again causing a slip in ranking.

Is your website secure?

For us this is the number 1 reason to have a maintenance contract - security! Strong technology today is weak technology tomorrow and once a hacker is into your site you stand to lose it and if you have a client data base associated with it - your average hacker can encrypt it demanding many thousands of pounds to decrypt it assuming it can as many ransomed databases are corrupted beyond repair.

Likewise the technology employed to build the site ages and can become less secure particularly if your site is built using one of the many free to use website WYSIWYG Website design tools like Wordpress or Joomla.

But enough of this - what do you get?

There's lots more benefits but your contract is based on your needs and this list is just the basics - contact us for a FREE and no obligation quote on monthly maintenance contracts.

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