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Boosting our client's website

We have looked after Dr Roger Walker's medical website for a while now and wanted to give it a bit of a boost by moving it to our new Sphyder CMS which handles not only the content but also automates the SEO process ensuring maximum coverage in search engines, a very, very fast website and of course a site that conforms to the UK accessibility laws.

Moving to the all new Sphyder Content Manager

CMS Sphyder delivers top performanceSphyder is our bespoke CMS or Content Manager which acts as a gateway between the database and the website. It is NOT a design tool like Wordpress or Joomla. We didn't set out to replace the off the shelf product in that way. Instead we found that clients preferred us to do the difficult technical work involved in the design, layout and SEO of their websites - they just wanted a quick and easy to use CMS that enables them to manage the content and that is exactly what Sphyder does.

What makes our CMS so fast?

Simply put there's no 3rd party plugins - we built everything and it doesn't rely on anything other than professionally written code which the CMS cannot touch. 

Think of the Sphyder as a sandwich - the bread is the top and bottom of the website. It has all the code and design prebuilt so you don't need to know anything to use the CMS. The filling is the bit the customer deals with. Our clients enjoy using it because they can quickly edit their websites with no training or learning at all. Log in, click edit, write in an MS Word or Pages environment most people are familiar with - it really IS that simple.

Because there's no vast array of plugins and extra components to load the delivery of the site, the speed, is VERY quick almost instant. The donkey work is done by our code which delivers the content (the HTML) to the browser (YOU) in hyperdrive speed.

All required technical work is automated by the Sphyder

CMS Sphyder delivers top performance

The Sphyder is your ROBO WEBMASTER - and handles everything leaving you to do what you do best - run your business!

Helping with content

All our website clients have a choice whether or not to have their site maintained by us or not. For a small fee we will deal with all your content and make sure that when you send us new content it is written for the search engines, indexed and all correctly tagged to make it appealing to search engines.

The Sphyder CMS is remotely updated FOR FREE so with or without a maintenance package we will upgrade and maintain the Sphyder system FREE so your security and peace of mind is looked after.

Did we say FAST?

All Sphyder powered websites are hosted on LightSpeed hosting platforms. We do not allow Wordpress or other CMS hosting only our own so this ensures websites are delivered at TOP SPEED and that they are secure because on our server - it is ONLY us and only EVER will be us!

Contact us today for a free quote!

Interested in viewing the example website? Visit: https://www.roger-walker.co.uk