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Is your social media letting you down?

If your business is not on social media - call us today on 01202683623 because you're missing out on a massive market and your website ranking is failing!

Why is social media so important?

Social media webA good few years ago Google announced that part of its ranking algorithm was based on "Google loves sites that are liked". This used to refer to how many other similar websites linked to you. The more related sites that love you, the more important Google sees you - the higher you rank!

The world has changed and with social media Google can see in realtime who likes you so no social media presence the less Google believes you are liked, the more people like you on social media the more Google thinks you are liked and up goes your ranking as a result.

Companies that still refuse to engage in social media are being left behind!

There's a catch to social media!

Just posting stuff onto Facebook or Twitter simply is not enough. It'll do you no favours at all. If there's no link back to your site you are waisting your time unless you have 5,000+ followers.

Most new companies have about 2 to 3 hundred followers of which maybe 1% may engage that's 3 people "may" take action on any post you submit to social media. So that lovely post and photo will effectively go nowhere!

With no link back to your website is also means nothing to Google so you're effectively waisting valuable time pushing something no one will engage with and won't help your SEO campaign either.

So how can Social Media help me?

Most websites have a news facility so use this to COPY the link INTO social media. This creates a link BACK to your website. Don't publish news to Facebook or Twitter then create a separate news article on your website - doesn't make sense!

Once you've shared your web content into social media it will link automatically back to the web page thus driving traffic back to your site and that improves SEO.

If you have no news facility then simply make sure that all posts refer to your website as this will help Google know that you are active on social media and that will help SEO.

But hold on! You've only got 6 followers so what's the point as only 6 people will see it and less than 1 person will actually engage with it?

There's no point right? No one else is going to see it so why share it? First of all Google will know about it. It may not give you any ranking kudos but it will help a little. 

Here are two ways to increase your audience.

  1. Increase social media traffic to your page by sharing it
  2. Correctly tag your content

Point 1 isn't an easy option and takes time. Research your audience and encourage people to share your content. This means that you shared content is engaging more people and your audience will increase.

Point 2 is perhaps the most unused tool on social media! Tagging content!

Social media uses tags to create searchable content. There are two types of tag - referencing and key phrases.

Content that is referenced often starts with a @ symbol. For example if you want to reference our company in social media you use @cirrusdesignstudioltd. This is also a "mention". It works with your mates names and business names.

The second type of tag is for organic searches or commonly referred to as a HASH TAG or # symbol. These help social media to position your content into organic ranking. Simply precede your phrases with the # tag.

Example: #webdesign #webdesigner #websitedesign

With a low page like, follow and no tagging your hard won content is effectively dead.

Remember that some hash tags are trend tags so it's worth engaging content with tags that are trending.

Social media beware!

If you run a news page on your website keep the content related to the nature of your business otherwise you may accidentally demote your site by publishing unrelated content!

For example - your web site sells coins and your news articles are about football. Pretty soon Google will try index your site in football related content and drop you from coin related content.

All news articles MUST be related to your website!

So what's next? Well the good news is we can help! Call us on 01202683623 today and let us take control!

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