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How might Brexit effect my business?

One thing is for sure - no one quite knows what will happen yet but you can promise yourself one thing that post Brexit there is likely to a be a rush on getting  the UK businesses to hit a whole new demographic market.

As a web company specialising in website marketing and advertising we have seen several trends in our market that fall into two distinct camps - those who are reactive and those who are proactive toward Brexit. With an exciting new emerging market possibility most businesses seem to be either "let it happen" or "grab an opportunity" mindset.

So with two different post Brexit mindsets where does it leave your business? The outcome of Brexit is an unknown variable and the UK government is struggling to give quantitive information on the subject which leaves most businesses in one of two camps:-

Worried about Brexit & my business

Those businesses in this mind set are concerned how Brexit will effect them and are investing in marketing early on to ensure that come the day the UK finally emerges into a post Brexit market they will be ready to grasp new opportunities in a new utopian market place. 

There is some anticipation as to what might happen and so these businesses are getting in early with advertising and longer terms marketing plans which will ensure that come Brexit utopia or dystopia they will remain focussed on their post Brexit business ensuring steady and reliable growth throughout the following unsettled period on our history.

Not worried about Brexit & my business

Those in this camp face the biggest challenge. Business investing in early marketing and advertising have nothing to lose because come what may their business will continue as before accept they now have an advantage of gaining new clients and opportunities through skilful marketing campaigns and advertising.

The "not worried" camp face a distinct problem in the event of a very shaky Brexit - being overtaken by the "worried" camp and their marketing campaigns leaving no room for late comers. It's an almost mammal curses dinosaur moment but the fear is that those who are reactive in their marketing and advertising are likely to miss the boat and slowly sink in the quagmire of campaigns run by those businesses taking a rather more proactive view.

How can Cirrus help?

Our marketing department is putting into place several long term marketing campaigns for clients using all the available tools from basic SEO or Search Engine Optimisation through to high end Google AdWord campaigns ensuring a strong ROI Return on Investment. 

We have undertaken several successful campaigns with clients ensuring that come the day of Brexit they will remain strong and seeking new emerging markets and opportunities Brexit might bring.

Truth is no one knows the outcome so those who are proactive stand to win either way while those who assume it will all be OK and are more reactive face uncertain times.

Call us on 01202 683 623 today or send us an email to and find out how we can help your business fly!

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