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Full throttle websites

Google regularly visits your company or business website to see what's changed and updates its ranking algorithm accordingly moving you up and down depending of particular factors. No one knows these factors even Google who split these secret algorithms between core developers and coders ensuring no one person knows how Google ranks website exactly.

Kind of puts to shame the Spam emailers telling companies just how clever they are by claiming to know how to rank your website and position you along with hundreds of others in the same industry on Google page one!

So how does Google rank your website?

Cirrus Design Studio Website Lighthouse TestThere are a number of factors involved but the top 4 deciding factors can be tested yourself using the rather nifty Google Lighthouse which gives each heading factor a score out of 100%. Score over 90% in each category and watch your website fly!

The image is how our own website scores... 

1. Website performance

This is generally scored by how well you are coded (the backbone) and also the server. Most people will be on shared hosting so achieving a full 100% is difficult without serious architectural chances to your hosting. Almost all websites ought to be scoring over 90% though.

2. Accessibility 

This testing ensures that your site is usable across a range of devices and user ability and is based on the US508 guidelines which make it a legal requirement for some service providers.

3. Best practice

Testing the best practice ensures strict code standards are used most commonly in HTML, JavaScript, CSS and sometimes the backbone of the site like PHP or ASPX .NET depending on your chosen technology. Failure in this area could degrade ranking faster than any other oddly enough.

4. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation

Fast websites means better Google rankingThis is the most commonly and sometimes easiest thing to fix. Ensuring SEO friendly sites should be the norm in this industry but it is often over looked. 

SEO is NOT marketing or even achieving page one in Google. It's the engine of the site. Consider it a Formula One car. It is capable of winning a race because the machine behind it is capable of winning. All cars are the same so it is up to the driver to win the race. No pop a Ford Fiesta engine in your F1 car and there's no way you can win regardless of the driver and that is the exact same as your website. Good SEO means you have a car capable of winning - you just have to understand how to drive it!

SEO for your site should be 90% of your score and if it isn't then you are failing and that can be problematic.

So you achieve a great score - the rest is all about the content!

Once the architecture and engineering are delivering a fast, reliable and SEO friendly website the next critical part of your F1 challenge is to pop a very good driver at the helm and that driver is your content.

Give your driver a fast racing car and you have the potential of winning the race.

So how does your website score?

Read more here:- https://developers.google.com/web/tools/lighthouse

We can test your website for free just contact us for a free test. All tests are conducted using the Google Lighthouse testing tool which can be tricky to understand but we will deliver an easier to read score which you can use to check how well you are performing.

Why choose us to design your website?

  • Bespoke website design to strict HTML5 specifications with or without Content Management (CMS).
  • All sites tested to strict HTML5 standard compliance in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium guidelines.
  • Designed to meet or exceed US508 guidelines for accessibility across all devices.
  • Strict coding standards (PHP, MySQL, ASPX, JavaScript & Jquery) and all extensions and plugins built and maintained by us for security.
  • End to end secure website and coding standards ensuring data security for your company.
  • All sites designed to perform across all platforms from desktop to tablets and mobile phones as standard.
  • Secure hosting on our own servers and no reliance on third party integrations.
  • A user friendly, simplified content manager system that deals with all your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as standard.
  • Tested in accordance with Google Lighthouse for speed, SEO and accessibility.
  • Why not test your website now at: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ 

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