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Case of the missing website

This image may be subject to copyrightIf you run your own business website you will no doubt be aware of companies sending your marketing claiming that they and they alone can rank your website in the the top 10 places of Google and what's more they've done this for over 20 business in your sector! Amazing, no, really, it is amazing but not true. Not only do the maths not add up (10 places, 20 sites in the top 10 hmmmm?) but it just ain't gonna happen!

So your business website is out there and sinking like the Titanic and in turn customers just can't find you among the millions of websites all touting their business to the public. It's a huge problem and it's big enough to drive you to close and that is the very last thing you want!

How do I get my website ranked?

First of all you need to contact us for a free eveluation of your company website. We aren't in the market to reinvent the wheel - if you've a good website why change it!? If your website is at fault then we can address that but first of all we must establish a fault and a reason your ranking is sliding down the pipes of the mighty Google. Once we know what the issue might be we can propose a series of changes and or marketing ideas from Google's own Adwords to re-writing content.

Is your content writen for the search engines?

This is often a big part of ranking issues. Writing quality search engine friendly content is a very skilled area and just writing content a "human" will understand is a very small part of it. Your content must appeal to the search engine robots (spiders) that scour the internet picking up and ranking content. This is a highly specialised field that we can also offer. You can just give us the basics and let us create your content for you.

Quality content is important but there are a whole host of other factors that determine ranking these days so simply having a website will not promise top billing and business.

The good news - we can help you!

It's what we do! We can turn your company around, push up your ranking and drive more people to your website which will then drive up sales and that's what you want right? Then contact us today and let us help you with a simple, down to earth appraisal of your website and a plan of how we can help increase your sales.